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Luxury Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

custom shower enclosure

A master bath makeover is a great investment; you're able to enjoy it every day and it enhances the value of your home.

When a Renton family recently upgraded their master bath, they contacted Seattle's custom shower experts — Cascade Glass. We've designed and installed hundreds of custom shower enclosures over the years. Each one is different because every family is different.

This family wanted a more luxurious shower with ample space and a stylish floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure. The problem was space; the bathroom was small and rebuilding wasn't an option. To open things up, we removed a rarely used bathtub in the corner. The extra space allowed us to double the size of the shower and design a spacious glass enclosure with a self-centering door. The door swings both ways thanks to elegant glass-to-glass hinges.

We used brushed nickel channel brackets to attach the glass panels to the ceiling and tile. The brackets were selected to match the bathroom's new plumbing fixtures.

Click through the images above -- you'll find that fabricating and installing this custom shower enclosure required precision, a steady hand and plenty of experience. Fortunately, our installation teams are the best.