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Glass Display Wall For Woodinville Whiskey

Woodinville Whiskey's new distillery is more than a state-of-the-art production facility. Built in the heart of Woodinville's popular wine district, the facility provides tourists with a behind-the-scenes look at the craft of manufacturing whiskey.

woodinville_11 display window

Architects designed a glass wall to separate the hospitality room from the centerpiece of the building -- a massive, two-story tower still manufactured in Germany. The glass barrier needed to be tall, protective and aesthetically pleasing, so they turned to Cascade Glass. The perfect combination of strength and clarity turned out to be five windows locked in place by a latticework of steel bars. The five smaller windows surround the primary viewing panel -- a massive, single sheet of 3/8 inch safety glass.

woodinville_8 woodinville_5 woodinville_10 woodinville_9 woodinville_3 woodinville_1 woodinville_2 woodinville_4 woodinville_6 woodinville_7

Click through the images above -- you'll find that fabricating and installing these specially engineered viewing panels required precision, a steady hand and plenty of experience. Fortunately, our installation teams are the best. Drop by the hospitality room and see for yourself!